Sitting here wondering how in the world….and what was the universe thinking? Where is the light? Seems like I’ve been walking through thick ass fog for a long time. Experiencing and vibing off some very wonderful people and the kernels of wisdom they have to share have been so very rich. Then somewhere along the way we lose touch. I miss them….where are they now? I need a good word. Something for my brain to churn for awhile. I think my thought process is misunderstood. I was told last night that “your river runs deep and you are too hard to grasp for some to the point that you might find yourself eternally single”. Now that wasn’t the first time I’d heard something like that just not described that way. I haven’t been in that many relationships and they’ve all been long term one with the except of the last two. On life’s journey, I wonder if the idea that click for me after everything was said and done was really the “lesson”. I find myself to still be in love with my ex. DISTANCE is what keeps us apart. The feelings are still there for both of us. Shortening that space is going to take time….but when you have two stubborn, impatient people……what do you do? THIS IS WHERE I AM RIGHT NOW! I am frustrated, irritation, aggravated and any other adjective you could possible insert in there. SO NOW WHAT?!?! This is the question I am still pondering. *SIGHS* Ain’t love grand?!

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