Living, breathing, and circumstances….

I had a conversation late last night and I was touched by her words so I hope she doesn’t mind me sharing them:

“life is a constant riddle challenges us everyday and it all comes down to what you really want in life everythin happens for a reason that will help you in life in some shape or form”

You never know what position life will thrust you in. You will never know what issues you’ll be facing without answers. You will never know you reaction to anything until you are put in the face of a challenge. DON’T EVER SAY NEVER!

I took this portion from a previous post I made in 2002 and when I was rereading it I thought I should repost it because it was what I was feeling:

Stop wasting time! Time goes by every time the sun rises. So what progress will you make before the next one?

Growth for the week, knowledge gained….I am learning…I’ve been challenged now I must progress as I’ve said before….

forward movement = change=evolution=progress…….continue to progress!!

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