Strength in the midst of confusion is ringing true today. I feel that negativity is trying to take me out of my mindset and I am just not going to allow it. It has been a wonderful past couple days for me and I need to stay focused on what it is that I need to do as well as what is most important. The reading I’ve been doing has really helped me tremendously and I am seeing things that I never paid attention to before which is great. Hopefully this progress will continue. I’ve gotten this manuscript book and now I need to read through it and take from it what I need and start on my journey. I am so excited about it!!
My birthday let me know who was in my corner. I have to keep reminding myself that on life’s journey you out grow individuals once you learn the lesson they were there to teach in the first place. I just love these revelations that keep coming my way to remind me that there is absolutely nothing wrong with me…I am just growing and evolving and there is nothing wrong with that. Peacefulness always reigns. I’m seeing light at the end of the tunnel.

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