This song by Xscape has been playing in my head ALL day long and I haven’t even heard the song in years. Amazing!! I think it speaks volumes though to my current situation and my thought process. There are many emotions that ebb and flow through my spirit. I find that some people I come in contact with do not fully get it. I am a passionate and sensitive individual. I think most times people spend entirely too much time trying to fit me in their neat little packages. They wish me to be a certain way because they have deemed it necessary in order for them to understand me. I am who I am and my spirit and my mental is FOREVER changing. My energy loves change I WILL NEVER STAY THE SAME understand that! I will constantly be evolving. I am emotional at times SO I CRY, I get angry, I am somber…DAYUM I’m human! I will not change how I express to make you happy. I will continue to be me. Either appreciate me or leave me be. Understand that I am going through something and I am handling it the best way I can. There is something wrong in my body and if I choose to cry about it I WILL it is my own expression. Just because you feel like shouldn’t worry or think about it SO WHAT! It is how I choose to feel. When it comes to my heart perhaps it’s expression you weren’t meant to understand that’s why it confuses you so. I give my heart to whom I wish to have it. It will stay there until my heart wants to let go. When I am IN love I love with my whole self. Just because I choose not to label “it” doesn’t make it any less real because you don’t understand what “it” is. We are who we are to EACH other and that’s all that matters.

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