The truth is

The truth is that my heart speaks for itself. I try to ignore all those little things that I know that shouldn’t matter but it is so hard sometimes. I close my mouth cause we both know lyrically I am dangerous. My tongue can cut like a samurai sword. Patience is wearing thin. All I want is peace it seems that all I’ve wanted has been peace and that is so hard to come by. The universe gave me a unique love and one day infinite peace will come along and appreciate my love. I am trying to be patient with us. I am trying to be steadfast. This energy is making it so difficult. I know this is a test I know it has to be. My heart is full. I meditate this day and the universe will give me an answer. And yes even through all this, I do love you. In order to make love work, you have to nurture it and cherish it. I am doing my part. Here I stand on my path…….

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