Boosting Spirits

Today along with some other co-workers went to visit our associate director who is suffering from cancer. It was a very moving visit for me in that it made me think about how precious life really is. You never know how long you are afforded the opportunity to come into contact with people. You never know exactly why the universe made it happened but it did. I felt fortunate to be in her presence because she was the reason that was granted this position in this phase of myself. I think about those who have it far worst than I and I thank the Creator for making my existence what it is. Though I may have my bad days they are still good cause they could be far worst. I appreciate every human being I come into contact with because I learn something from every being. I am moved because life is short and we need to learn how to take notice of every moment. If you haven’t told someone you love them today YOU NEED TO! Not just for them but for you too.

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