Hours, minutes, seconds….you never know it means so much until it’s gone. It was a mystery to me what was on your mind all the while you were trying your best to offer me a surprise. In an instant nothing else mattered more than those 15 minutes. I wish I had some insight beforehand then maybe I could have made it happen. Time is precious so valuable. I appreciate the effort and measures that you took to try to put a smile on my face. Caught me offguard for certain…you amaze me. I wish could have had the time to spend just to hug you just to look at your face. This is SUCH a struggle right now at this moment. Your smile was just within reach and things beyond our control kept you away. I wish it was different I wish I could’ve gotten the chance to see your face even if only for 5 minutes. I would have been satisfied with that. 5 minutes could have been a lifetime. We must learn to cherish time.

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