Photo Journal

I was asked if I have followed my hair journal in pictures:

Actually I never started one cause I don’t have a digital camera but when I get one I plan to. My hair isn’t locked that’s a twist/braid out in the photo on my avatar. I’ve thought about locs but I was told that I’d have to cut my hair down to a twa to start them. It’s been some time since I measured so I’d guesstimate that it was about 15 or 16 inches. Thanks for the anniversary wishes!

Natural Hair Routine

I was asked about my hair routine so here it is:

I do a modified no-poo with Pantene Hydrating Curls and on the days when I feel like I need to clarify I use Dr. Bronner’s Almond Castile Soap with a lil herb infused olive oil(which I made). I used Suave Humectant Conditioner as a leave in. I used to use Nexxus Humectress (expensive) but discovered that Suave was just as good. Also I apply my butter mixture to the ends to seal in the moisture. When I apply the products I use the plopping technique which is apply them with my head down and giving it a lil shake upon raising my head. I find that when I do the products are distributed well. I don’t comb my hair at all, I either use my fingers or my paddle brush and only while my hair is wet with conditioner. After no-pooin’ I plait my hair while it’s still wet usually in about 16 medium sized plaits but it varies. I then tie it down with a scarf. When I plait, braid, or twist I don’t part with a comb, I find that my hair responses well with this technique because I don’t end up with permanent parts. I try to trim every 3 months the last time was in October so I’ll be trimming really soon. My styles vary from puffs, twists, and braids. I can’t cornrow my own hair but I am trying to learn. I really can’t think of anything else that I do, if you have any questions feel free to ask me.

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