The Journey’s Never That Easy

Over the past couple days, people have been asking me to divulge the ingredients and techniques that I have for making my hair butters and oils. When I was in my self-discovery phase I didn’t have any assistance, it was all trial and error. No one to just GIVE me a recipe or tell me how or to make it for me. I am not/will not simply hand over a recipe that I use for me. I took the time and learn the how to’s and I think that every naturalhead should take the time and know for themselves. There is nothing wrong with me if I simply refuse to share. You don’t see big named cosmetic chemists giving away the ingredients nor the recipe of their prized scents. Why should I??? I may one day decide to sell what the kitchen chemist in me comes up with but now isn’t the time. Some things have to be learned I did it so can others. It annoys me when they try to take the easy way out. What I have come up with works for me cause I did the research to find out what works for me and my hair and body. What I choose to use may not work for everybody…..that’s my point. Learn what works. As with this just like others things folks want to be spoon fed all the details. Something about it is just wrong and I for one can not do it.

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