Somebody Said Love Was Real….

Sometimes I think cupid, lil imp, is sitting somewhere holding its breath getting a big fu*king kick out of manipulating my thoughts, wants, needs, and desires. Likes to turn my thought process upside down. Got me half lusting over things that are not mine, things I’ll perhaps never be afforded the opportunity to feel, coveting someone else’s happiness in lieu of my own and what is all for??? If I knew the answer to that question I wouldn’t be sitting here writing these words right now. The moon during all of its transitions has seen me calling out for reasons why. The shining sun watches me through the trees as I walk this singular existence. When does one become two and when does two become permanent? When will I know that love is real and that it is here to stay? When will I be able to get off of the path that leads me to the neverending game? When will I see the reflection that mirrors my own coming toward me to take me to the edge and back again? WHEN!!! I am so tired of walking on this road so very tired. How long am I suppose to be strong? When can just say to hell with this and pack it all in? I want my needs met, my desires filled, my passions intersected in the middle… energy needs to find a math partner. *sighs in frustration*

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