Dreams what if….

What if dreams were real. I had some crazy ones the other night. Being in an elevator dressed for business and a guy comes in there with a dolly from the other side of the elevator dayum near runs into me. I go to the back of the elevator and click a button and the panel slides open to reveal a refrigated case to reveal all kinds of food. As I reach for the salad fixings, the guy keeps on asking me how I made the panel open. I don’t answer I keep making my salad and then when the door open I rush out. I hustle down the hallway like I am in a hurry as I pass a lady who is wearing 4-in sandals with a broke foot and she is hopping. I stare at her for a while and then go out a double glass door onto the sidewalk. I looked up into the sky and let the sun warm my face. It was at this point that I woke up.

I have been pondering what it means but I have no clue. Maybe it’s the future and I ran out of the building I own cause I just finished the bestseller of the century and to celebrate I ran out to enjoy the rest of my day in the sunshine…..could be could be.

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