Come Home

Come Home

Warrior show me your SELF

Display for me the rhythmatic capability

You have inside to soothe my mind

Show so much more than your exterior

My memories have a need to fondle your interior

To sink deep submerge those caverns you manage to keep hidden

Seems as though my eyes ponder stars

In sheer wonderment at the possibilities of what they are thinking

They blink as twilight covers the land

My thoughts internally try to decipher their silent morse code

Wisps of the wind send chills through this small wrinkle in space

With my feet planted, warrior my sighs wish to transfer visions

Open your mind to what was lost somewhere in time

Moments collected in another realm another dimension

Kept safe within my Queendom

If you stop, listen, hear it the beating

Can you hear them?

The rapid pounding fierce though calm

Listen for the sound

It’s the drum calling you

Calling you back home.

Sometimes thoughts and conversations move you to write something that means so much. I wrote this a couple months ago but I am feeling it today. Can you hear ’em?

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