Nappy Evolution

I have evolved from the uncertain sistah who didn’t know if chopping off my long flowing relaxed shoulder length hair for natural hair was the right move. I know now I made the right decision. Back when my mind was relaxed, I took pride in the commentary of others who commended my long flowing tresses. If it wasn’t right, somehow I wasn’t right. Now I know different. When I say I love my nappy hair people look at me crazy. I have come to realize that nappy isn’t a bad thing. For centuries, black folks have been conditioned into thinking that our hair is negative along with everything else about us. The American Heritage Dictionary defines a nap as a soft or fuzzy surface on fabric or leather. That is what my hair is! It’s soft and some part are fuzzy some are coily some are springy. I didn’t know what I had all that time cause I was too busy changing it trying to make it conform. The fact is it resisted every time. It took me fourteen years to listen to my hair and my heart. I am glad I made the choice. And after growing almost 16 inches curly coily hair LOL!, I don’t regret it one bit.

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