Delusional Mentality

delusional: the act of deceiving the mind or judgement of; the false belief or opinion – the American Heritage Dictionary

At this point it has come to my attention, that there are opinions which will always differ greatly from my own. However, the fact still remains I always assumed that was the case but not to this extent. It was said by diverse groups in this society that conversation should steer clear of religion and political beliefs now I must add to that broad list, concerns for humanity. My belief is that all people deserve to be treated as human beings. I don’t care whether they aren’t Americans or criminals. Everybody is entitled to basis human treatment.

When a country chooses to violate any one of those rights it is abuse. In most cases people will believe whatever television reports without engaging in critical thinking on that matter despite the possibility that something could be wrong. I think people want to remain ignorant about the truth. So from now on I will choose my words carefully on matters which I feel deeply.

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