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Most people know me by the moniker, P.I.M.P. which is my pen name. Originally from Los Angeles, I would consider myself an enigma. I am constantly evolving. I am very passionate about words. I am an easy-going and creative individual who has a love affair with literature and art. I love to have thought provoking conversation, talk about books or whatever the topic of the day is. I love to laugh and have a wonderful sense of humor. I have a total fascination with butterflies. I am a survivor who wants to tell her own story. I am all these parts which make me whole. I am not a professional blogger. I am just a writer who wants to write.

I wanted a place where I could commit to writing frequently. This canvas will be use to paint verbal pictures and allow thoughts to simply spill out of my head which may lead to a poem or a simple rant. Words have their own personalities and often run around in my head. I will write freely and openly with no filter. If you read my words, you will get to know a lot about me. I may have a complete thought or my thoughts may be works in progress. They will be random. If you are up for anything, click on the tab “What I Write” at the top, select a category in “The Way My Mind Is Set Up” or select a month in “Archives”.

I will sometimes use writing tools like prompts or challenges to improve my writing. Other times, my thoughts will come in rapid fire moving towards the epic story or poem. Then, there will be those times that I write about my inability to write anything that I find fulfilling. The point is when I sit down to write my thoughts are still moving me towards something interesting.

So this is me, writing. Thanks for taking the time to read these words. If you have any feedback for me, you can leave a comment on the blog post or you can reach directly me at poetryismypassion@verbalfood.com

2 thoughts on “Word LIFE Breathe write

  1. Dear Poetry is my Passion,

    I just commented on your post in the ‘Community Pool’, and told you that writing should be about what you want to write, and that you should love your writing. Remember me? I just wanted to tell you that I like your writing, and plan on reading a few of your posts. You will see me around on your blog.

    all the best,
    the (esc)ape artist

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