Poetry – Day 10

The Inability to Deal

I cannot seem to get it together

I know I have responsibilities

I know I am obligated

I just cannot seem to muster the energy to move

Every muscle in my body is telling me to just sit here

I feel lethargic

Every single infomercial is speaking to me

I feel like answering “yes” because right  now I have every symptom for which they seem to have a cure

Why yes, I’ll take a red pill and a blue pill

I wish I could figure out what this is

I feel like the indent in this chair is getting larger like I’m sinking

I am not motivated

I am losing steam

The television is on for noise

Nothing is interesting

I know something is going to happen any minute to make me move

It’s gonna happen

Hand begins to cradle head

Am I sleepy?

No, that can’t be it

Glances outside sees the branches moving from side to side

Here I sit just watching them

Like I am in a trance

Right to left, left to right

One lone tear escapes down my left cheek

I think I am just tired

I need a break

Time to not think

It is getting too difficult to more forward

For one moment, I just want to be

Me and the universe

No plans, no deadlines

Just the time to inhale and exhale

That is all

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