Poetry – Day 13

The Nose Knows

Can’t breathe
Inhale, exhale
Still cannot breathe
Sniff sniff
One nostril, two nostril
Inhale, exhale
Where is my oxygen?
We’ve got nothing
One nostril
One nostril
Nostril needs tissue
Blow, blow
That didn’t help at all
What is she doing?
Does she know we can’t breathe?
It’s taking her a minute to hear us
What is she doing?
Oh Criminy, is she just rolling over?
If she goes to sleep, we’ll be late!
On the count of three
Deeply inhales
Wait for it
Instantly she pops up holding her head
Her nose feels like it’s no longer there
In a panic, she jumps out of bed and races to the bathroom
She looks in mirror
She sees nothing different
Nostril one and nostril two giggle to themselves although sounds like a snork
She grabs the nasal applicator
Squirt one, squirt two
In unison the nose inhales
Relief at last

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