Poetry – Day 20

Mirror, Mirror

Who do you want to be?
I see my reflection
The mark I wish to leave behind is massive
In my head I’m international
I know I’ve still got work to do
I’m a baby in the game
If  you didn’t know you were playing
I feel sad for you
Make your move wisely less you crap out
Or perhaps the bishop will take your queen
Whatever your poison know this
There are no rules
No matter what you’ve heard
There are no rules
Learn to live outside boundaries
Never, ever let them box you in
Choose to be a rebel, label-less one, innovator…game changer
Anything else besides sheep
At some point sheep go to sleep
You don’t want to be sheep
Understand that you will always be students
Learning never stops
I’m both grasshopper and master teacher
My mind is deep as an ocean
I wanna know how deep it goes
Exhaust all the possibilities

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