Peer into my window and tell me what you see
If my eyes were closed, would you still be able to see me?
I wonder what it is that you hold of me in your quiet place
Sometimes I wonder how important my substance is to your sustenance
When you look into my eyes, can you see what it is I’m truly thinking?
Or does my stare leave you in a state of confusion?
I wonder why at times you avoid my eyes
Does the look in my eyes intimidate you?
I wish that you could see in me
That part of you that I hold so very close
I wish that you could understand the need
I have to be closer than we already are
I want to be able to look inside your window
Invading your deepest emotions
Pondering the shadows in the corners of your mind
If I turn to face you would I see my reflection?
Would you expose every facet of you to my consciousness?
Would you allow that one look to erase all your doubts subdue your fears?
When my eyes ask a question without words,
How would you choose to respond?
©2005 PoetryIsMyPassion

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