Poetry Revisited

Last night I stepped up to the mic and shared a peace of mine with the internet community at LiVve.com. LiVve is an online audio/video community which also has gaming. If you’ve heard of Mplayer (now defunct but reborn) then it’s the same thing just has new owner and a different name. It was a beautiful thing.

When I was asked to bless the mic, I was real nervous. I guess that’s what happens when people who know you and know your work wanna hear you cause they’ve missed it. Since I hadn’t performed on the mic in eons… I thought I lost my edge. However, I was pleasantly surprised not only by the response I got but at my own performance. I got that same energy I used to get just before it was my time to shine. It’s like a sense of awesome power that you have been given the ability to have all ears in the room under your verbal spell for one moment in time. It’s ELECTRIC!!! I have been bitten once again. You know I’m going back.

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