Two poets(myself and the poet known as Ezaykiel) came together on one accord three years and created a site for poets to share and grow independent of structure and technical form, The Dawn Of African American Poets or Dawnpoets as it is affectionately called. It has blossomed into something that is so much more. It is more like a collective of mental stimulation which has developed creative bonds which span across the country. Once again we have moved to the next level. Dawnpoets reached a new creative horizon. The idea of forming our own site has been tossed around for years and has sat on the shelf but now the site has been born. If you want to be inspired and have a spot to display your words join us(http://dawnpoets.com/forum/). To all the poets who have been apart of THE DAWN thank you for your spirit let`s keep the fyah burning.

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