Heeding Good Advice

I have been suffered from the block of all blocks lately and I just couldn’t seem to get back to where I needed to be to put pen to paper. It’s bad when a writer stays blank and I mean BLANK with nothing on the slate not a scribble or a scratch to make up a half way decent line. As of today, I have manage to keep writer’s block at bay.

I got some good advice from a friend who told me:

“Imagine yourself wanting to impress someone with your talent, like – pick a specific person in your mind and write what you think think would block their mind. Or….imagine yourself in competition with a novice poet whose ego has exceeded their experience – put them in their place.”

I must say that it worked. I conjured up two and I am thinking of more as we speak so I am widdling my way back.

Hopefully I will have some words to post very very soon.

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