Love to all Mothers on not just Mother`s Day but everyday

from “And My Blackberry Spirit Continues To Shine In Spite Of The Rain”

`Cause Of My Mommy

Breaking out the LPs and 45s

On any given holiday

Just cause we chose to reminisce

Riflin` through old photographs

Trippin` down memory lane

In stitches cause we found

The black and white Zenith in the back

Knowin` good and well it should of been trashed long ago

Now you know it didn`t work

Of course it don`t mean nothing

That we don`t really have to look up in an attic

To find our memories

The things we grew up around they`re still here

Just look around

Not from memory or photograph


Take a look oh just a peek

A little “Pic Up Stiks” along the way

That`s right

It`s cause of her…

`Cause of My Mommy

She kept all our treasures all around us

And there still here.



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