Just My 32 Cents

It warms my heart to know that some of us are choosing to educate ourselves and recognize the system of silent brainwashing and openly standing for something instead of falling for anything. It still amazes me how with such a positive exchange of information negativity constantly gravitates. I have also learned that with coming into self realization coming self evolution. Many people can not take all that positive energy it angers them. This is what I feel from folks who aren`t enlightened naturally when they see me and they give dirty looks. It makes me laugh because I feel pity for them that they can`t stay my joy. Hair among other things will continue to be an issue for black women and men because they are still mentally enslaved. The idea that what you do individually is a reflection of the entire race is a part of that colonized mentality of slavery. Since there are individuals who choose to think outside of the box, they are ridiculed. The majority doesn`t like the change because they feel like they will somehow be judged as a whole by it. When we learn to take care of what`s going on in our OWN temple and quit worrying about everyone else`s we will all be better for it.

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