Poetry – Day 12

Let GO

Extreme happiness overwhelms me

Nothing could bring me down

I don’t know where this energy came from

It makes my feet move

It makes my soul dance

Have you ever just wanted to cut a groove in the most mundane place?

The mood struck while I was standing at the corner waiting for the light to turn green

It began with the tap of my foot

Then my left shoulder wanted in on the party

It told my right shoulder to join in

Suddenly I found my whole body rocking

I just went with the moment, I didn’t care who saw me

This was my moment with the universe

In my head all I heard was DANCE

I know every person in those cars that passed by thought I was losing it

So I did it, I let go

It felt beautiful

Have you ever just let go?

No, really let go?

You cannot care what people will think or say

Just go with it

It will make you feel so much better

In fact, right now even if no one else is watching

Put on your favorite tune and free yourself

I’m telling you it will make you smile

Try it

I know you can do it

Come on join me

Know that you aren’t alone

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