More from the Nappy Side

I have told the story to my evolution in the introduction but what I left out is I started out gradually in 1996 “babying” my hair out of its relaxed state. I manicured it and lavished it with attention so much so that it was evident that I coveted my own long relaxed hair. Sure I transitioned gradually and inch by inch I cut it all out while still maintaining my length. I knew nothing about the care of it I just wanted long “CURLY” hair. Nappy was an offensive word cause other folks always told me I had good hair. How could they know when it’s been relaxed since I was in the 8th grade??! LOL!!

After being butchered in January 1998 and then being professionally groomed, I finally recognized ME. The great barber that assisted me toward learning who I was told me one thing that changed my life “QUIT HIDING”. I can not tell you how I cried cause that is exactly what I had been doing all that time. From that day in April 1998, I have loved my napptural self and I wouldn’t change my journey because my eyes needed to be opened. Even after I chopped of my 15 inches to 8.5 on July 10. 2003, I STILL LOVE MY HAIR!! And I plan on growing it til the ‘fro wears me LOL!

Every time I share this story it never gets old to me, it just reminds me how far I’ve come.

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